Welcome to Aux 3 Pommes

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Welcome to Aux 3 Pommes!

Our Winter/Spring Semester starts on Monday, January 5, 2015 and ends on Saturday, June 13, 2015. Registration is on-going throughout the semester. Enroll online.

Enjoy a fun-filled summer with half-day intensive programs at Aux 3 Pommes. Our Summer Program starts on Monday, June 22nd. More about our summer program.

You can contact us at aux_3_pommes@sbcglobal.net

Aux 3 Pommes offers lessons in 10 languages for children of all ages and all levels. Classes are available at our locations in New Haven and Guilford. We also offer classes in area Elementary Schools and Daycares as part of our Field School Program.
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Aux 3 Pommes encourages a love of foreign languages through games, songs, drama, videos, and hands-on projects. The various activities introduce students to the cultures behind the language. The target language is spoken throughout the sessions to enable young students to achieve the level of comfort they need to begin to express themselves.
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Aux 3 Pommes offers Adult lessons also. Classes are available at our locations in New Haven and Guilford. Please click the link Enroll. Adult Enrollment.

Are you looking for adult classes ? A3P, the adult division of Aux 3 Pommes, offers groups lessons as well as private lessons. Click here to visit the A3P website. We are excited to announce the addition of Adult Conversation Groups.