Christelle Sachot

Bonjour !

I was born and raised in France until I moved to Montreal, Canada to do my PhD in Neuroscience at an English university. Montreal is a fantastic city where the French and English communities interact all the time. I was part of a great team of scientists from all over the world (Japan, Mexico, England, China, Germany, Canada and France). I love being in this international environment where you can share different cultures. I learnt English at school and mostly during these 7 years in Montreal, where I also met my husband. His job as a post-doc researcher then brought us to France for a few years and now to New Haven.

I had several teaching experiences during my career as a scientist at university level but also for primary school children. This experience is what I love the most during my scientist career: teaching, continue to learn, interacting with others and sharing knowledge! I am also the mother of a wonderful 2 year-old little girl who mostly speaks French for the moment but who will have the chance to learn English during our stay in New Haven.

I am looking forward to sharing my French language and culture with you and your children in the great environment that is ‘Aux 3 Pommes’!

Christelle Sachot,
French teacher.